A good content strategy can be achieved by updating the Google cache

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Knowing Google and how their algorithms work is a very complicated task but it is necessary to do it if we want to be well with it and be positioned in an encouraging way. The Google cache is a way to quickly display the content of a website. An ideal content strategy for all SEO is to update the Google cache.

This search engine stores information about your site to display it quickly to users, what most want Google is to have all the indexed sites but it is impossible and that is why it makes decisions according to the degree of relevance of the page.

Google robots capture the URLs and stored in the cache in order to display them quickly without having to wait for servers that may be outdated or do not have updates that make websites load quickly.

This method makes it easy for content to load quickly and automatically without forcing the server where it is hosted, but this is achieved if you have a quality website and that Google knows about it. agencia seo barcelona

Content strategy on mobile devices

Mobile devices came into our lives in order to give us access to information, and to take it anywhere. A good content strategy is aimed at facilitating the display of websites on Smartphones or tablets.

Despite being in an era where mobile device lead as favorite teams of people, there are websites that still not made to be seen on mobile, which difficulty positioning it in the SERP shown is these teams.

Following these Google launched the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project which is to improve the loading speed of the site. This project facilitates web pages that have great content of information in formats of videos, images, animations heavy, can be visualized by the users of Smartphone of instant form. agencia marketing digital barcelona

AMP covering troubleshooting content (lighten the load of information in different formats), distribution (improve the look better distributing the elements of the website) and advertising (adapted to the space where display without disturbing the user) .

The impact is gigantic to SEO since Google decided to identify with the acronym AMP to the web sites that use the service giving them greater popularity.



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