Put an End to the Wheezing and Coughing – Find Remedies for Allergies

Put an End to the Wheezing and Coughing – Find Remedies for Allergies

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Millions of people all over the world suffer from the respiratory problems that come from breathing dirty air.  This is especially true in highly industrialized countries like the United States.  With the everyday emissions from machines, organic waste products, pollens and spores, the air gets saturated with microparticles that cause a variety of respiratory ailments.

In most cases, the exact allergen that triggers a respiratory attack is usually not identified due to the numerous potential culprits.  And so, generally, all contaminants that are in the air should be filtered out before they get into the respiratory system.  The best remedies for allergies should include installing an air filter purifier in your home.

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When you have an air purifier installed in your home, small particles are cleaned out of the air.  The fine filters that are in the most efficient purifiers are able to trap particles as small as 0.1 micron.  Bigger particles measuring about 2.5 microns are also removed from the air.  These small particles are usually made up of pollens, mold spores, dust mite feces, and pet dander among others.

Once they are out of the air that you breathe into your body, you can experience longer lasting, and hopefully more permanent, allergy and sinus relief.  HEPA air filters are the only ones that are capable of efficiently removing these contaminants from the air.

Air filter purifiers work by passing the air through fine filters to trap dirt and contaminants.  When there are air sources in the room other than those that pass through the purifier, the risk of having contaminants left in the air is high.  You have to carefully plan out your air purifier installation so that you are able to take advantage of the health benefits that these air purifiers can give you.

As these air purifiers do not come at bargain prices, you have to make sure that they are performing at least at par with your expectations.  No matter how pricey and power-packed your air purifier is, if it is not properly installed, you will not really experience much improvement in as far as your allergies are concerned.  Even the best remedies for allergies will be rendered useless unless the allergens triggering the allergic attacks are extricated from the air.

When looking for air purifiers, you have to make sure that the specifications of the unit you are getting meet your requirements.  Take stock of the space where you want to install the unit.  Note the places where air enters this space.  The air purifier should be installed in such a way that no air bypasses the air filter.  It would be easier to maintain your air purifier if you use another filter in addition to the HEPA filter in your air purifier.

A conventional filter that is also called a prefilter could be used to trap bigger particles so that only the smaller particles are left for the HEPA filter to handle.  As a result, your HEPA filter would last longer.  The prefilter could easily be cleaned and reused or replaced.  Combining the two filters would make your air purifier a lot more efficient and easier to maintain.



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